3 tips for decoration design of facade house

Judging from the current market conditions, more and more people tend to start their own businesses, so they often set up a facade room, which requires us to design and decorate with care, and in design to meet the characteristics of prominent items and consider customers Ideas, in addition, the design of the facade house is best to find a professional designer to design, because they have rich experience in facade design, can provide an effective and feasible proposal for the owner, so what are the decoration design techniques of the facade house ? Let's take a look Right.

3 tips for decoration design of facade house

1. In terms of color selection, it is actually a university question. For example, the bright colors will stimulate the user's brain and make them excited, so as to increase the desire of consumers to buy, so the facade decoration should be extra Pay attention to the harmony of colors and the overall modeling effect in order to achieve a higher visual appeal.

2. Make full use of the void corners of the facade, which can effectively expand the indoor range, make the internal and external environment of the store more fully integrated, and at the same time serve as a space node for people distribution, detention and street sidewalk systems, It also has the features of being open, flexible, convenient for shopping and allowing people to relax and view.

3. There are many types of materials used, so when choosing, the texture, texture and color of the materials should be used correctly. The decoration of the facade should be the same as the exterior wall and roof decoration of the building. At the same time, the material must be strong, durable, and It is resistant to wind and rain and has certain resistance to exposure, freezing and corrosion.

Precautions for decoration of facade room

1. During construction, make full use of the contrast and harmony of the color system, so as to effectively achieve the artistic characteristics of enhanced modeling, as well as the effect of rich modeling, create a more ideal visual charm, and the color and texture of the product should also pay attention to The colors of antiques and home appliances are gray, and the colors of plastic products and toys are bright. This requires the color of the interior decoration design of the store to play a supporting role, and try to highlight the colors of the goods.

2. When decorating, we must pay attention to preventive measures, not only to consider whether it can be fire-proof, but also to have a certain degree of anti-theft. There is a hidden danger of fire, so the decoration materials in the store must have fire resistance.

3. When layout is as simple as possible, no matter what kind of product is sold, if the store is squeezed too slowly or stacked too slowly, it will often give people a sense of depression, resulting in not staying in the store for too long. Time, on the contrary, a simple store, can give customers a pleasurable effect, increase the possibility of purchase.

Summary: Ok, the above is the introduction of the three major techniques of facade house decoration design . I hope to provide you with some help. I believe that in the future facade house decoration design process, friends will be more handy and create their own satisfactory results. .

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