Aluminum spray cleaning method

[China Aluminum Network] aluminum spray cleaning method Description aluminum spray cleaning method is widely used, due to complex equipment, process requirements are higher, in order to ensure better pre-treatment effect, must be strengthened from the following aspects of management:

(1). Pay attention to the quality of the washing. During the process of degreasing the workpiece, the surface has a residue. If it is not washed, the quality of the product will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the residual liquid from the surface of the workpiece and remove it as water washing. In industrial production, in order to save water, washing water is generally recycled, so water washing will be gradually contaminated by cleaning agents. In order to reduce the degree of pollution, aluminum profiles should first minimize the contamination of the next process by the entrained cleaning solution. In addition, multi-stage washing should be considered, which is generally secondary washing, and some processes still use pure washing. The greater level of pollution in the subsequent level of water washing does not exceed one-tenth of that of the previous level, so that the residual concentration of the second level cleaning workpiece is only one percent of the original concentration. When adding clean water, use countercurrent supplements to save water.

(2). Strengthen the process and profits, strictly implement the operating procedures, check the operating status every day, and observe the process parameters at all times. Workpieces are prohibited from stagnating in the equipment to prevent rust.

(3) Foam and its control. In the metal cleaning, the generation or removal of foam is very important for the pretreatment process. A certain amount of foam is beneficial to certain treatment processes, but the quality of the industrial aluminum profile cleaning agent is not Depending on the amount of foam, the spray agent is required to be low foam when sprayed in, otherwise batch production cannot be performed normally. Commonly used defoaming methods include: adding a defoamer; using a low-foaming surfactant; controlling the temperature; reducing the mixing of air and the like.

Degreasing agent formulations, due to the poor effect of a single group of cleaning agents, so industrial aluminum production is rarely used, generally using multi-component, composite cleaning agent, because by the strong alkali, weak alkali, polymeric inorganic salt, surface The cleaning agent that is properly formulated with an active agent or the like can exert its own cleaning property, and thus can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency. In particular, the addition of a small amount of surfactant can double the efficiency of cleaning, and the formulation of industrial aluminum profile cleaners can be determined experimentally based on the type of oil stains cleaned, the material of the aluminum profile workpiece, and the cleaning method.

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