Choose the ideal method and skill of marking machine

Some of the more talkative ads make many users feel overwhelmed, do not know which brand to choose, and which type of scribing machine to better reflect the value of the device. Below according to the author himself collected nearly 10 Chinese and foreign scribing machine manufacturers data, after careful study, comparison, for everyone to introduce the procurement should pay attention to the points. In order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, this article will not mention any make and model. Remind everyone to note that: The following description of the marking machine are used at room temperature (cold paint) paint. - The main components: 1. Engine: Most of the marking machines are powered by the engine, but also use the battery as a driving force. If you use the engine, the power of about 2.5HP to 20HP range, but the best is the world-renowned brands such as the United States Briggs & Stratton, Japan Honda, its advantages are self-evident: stable performance and easy procurement of spare parts, it Almost determines the operating performance of the entire device; if the battery as a driving force, it must also consider the time each charge can run, preferably not less than 7 hours (about 1 working day). 2. Compressor: It is also the main part that affects the overall performance of the air-jetting scribing machine (instead of hydraulic jetting). As with the engine, you should consider buying a product equipped with an internationally renowned brand of air compressor. The larger the better emissions, but to a certain extent. 3. Barrels: There are two main functions: First, dress paint, in this sense, the size of its capacity will affect the frequency of filling and job progress. Another function is ignored by many users, that is, the container is still a pressure vessel, it is pressurized by the air compressor, into a pressurized "gas tank" to become a crossed-line work in the sense that it The sealing, safety, corrosion resistance are all users should consider. Better buckets are made of stainless steel, individual products also meet the US ASME standards. 4. Spray gun: There are currently two types of market, one is the use of "jet box" for spitting, the price is cheaper, especially suitable for playground lawn and parking lot construction; the other is the use of spray guns, which was Is a strict sense of the gun, but the nozzle is relatively high price. - Accessories and other functions: 1. Scribing width: Internationally-available road marking width of 15 cm, taking into account the marking machine may be used in parking lots, residential and other venues, it should be purchased with a width adjustment of the marking machine , Will help to rationalize the use and save paint. Generally adjustable range of 5 to 15 cm. 2 types of paint: paint commonly used solvent-based and water-soluble two. If the scribing machine is not "pick and choose", both can be used, you can make your business extends to the playground lawn and other places. 3 hand-held spray gun: In addition to using the hand-held spray gun allows you to freely use the template to spray a variety of symbols, but also in the ground outside the wall, columns and other places of operation. Hand spray gun has slowly become the standard configuration of all types of marking machine. 4. Cleaning System: Some marking machines are equipped with an automatic cleaning system that can quickly clean the piping system after each shut down, saving you more than half the time of cleaning. 5. Glass Bead System: Road Maintenance Company also consider the configuration of glass beads dispensing system as a standard. The system can spray glass beads, marking the construction fully meet the national requirements. 6. Cornering operation. Some scribing machines are also equipped with 1 extra wheel at the rear, which allows you to work freely along curved bends. Companies engaged in playgrounds and multi-turn operations may wish to consider purchasing scribing machines with this function. Some are already with this feature. The more fully functional, the higher the price of the equipment, and the greater the likelihood of the equipment going down. Therefore, in the purchase, do not be confused by some dazzling features, be sure to buy according to their actual needs, budget, practical is your first consideration, not the product "big and all." In addition, workmanship is fine, warranty, service, spare parts supply and other conventional issues, but also the user should consider the factors.

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