Copper prices rise steadily and cable prices usher in new opportunities

Copper finally ended the turbulence trend for a few months, so it was on the right track. Although the increase was not very large, it was a trend that was heating up. This will directly affect the cable quotation, because copper is the main raw material of wire and cable.

The price of copper rose. This time, the good copper premium in East China was 180, and it was reported at 58600. Traders actively shipped goods, and the copper and premium were further increased. The sentiment was close to the delivery market and the sentiment was relatively strong. The transaction was relatively light.

Copper prices fluctuated higher this week. According to statistics from the Fubao Copper Research Group, spot copper premiums remained at around RMB 40/t. At present, we expect that the spot price of copper in low-boost state this week has been verified.

From the perspective of the price gap between electrolytic copper and bright copper, by the end of August, it was basically balanced, so it entered the peak season in September. As copper prices pick up, the price of scrap copper will also improve. It is expected that the bright line price center in September will Running above 51000. After nearly three months of sideways shocks, it is expected that the copper price volatility will widen in September. The LME copper main trading range may still be in the range of US$7,400/ton to US$7,800/ton, and the bottom edge may still hit US$7,000/ton. The upper edge may hit $8,000/ton.

From the point of view of the copper price itself, both the internal and external disks broke the three-month range. Supported by the pre-stocking factors of the National Day holiday, copper prices generally performed strongly in September. It is expected that the cable price will also have a rising trend in the near future.

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