How to plan the decoration of Feng Shui in the shower room

It is understood that the arrangement of the shower area in the bathroom is very particular, especially the small-sized bathroom. So, how do we plan a shower room to make it both feng shui and comfortable?

First, the bathroom area is too small, the whole room becomes a shower room

Generally only a few square meters of small bathroom, because the area is too small to achieve dry and wet separation, it is difficult to pursue excessive shower quality, then the best solution is to turn the entire bathroom into a shower room. Therefore, this principle should be followed regardless of the overall planning or product selection.

The solution is: First of all, this ultra-small bathroom is best to use sliding doors, frosted glass material is the most suitable, if you choose the general wooden door will occupy some space, and the sliding door does not have this problem. Secondly, in the design of the bathroom, the items should be in direct contact with water. For example, the mirror headlights should be made of waterproof steam; wash basins, toilets, toilet paper holders, towel racks, etc. should be installed in places where the nozzles do not splash water; The waterproofing of the wall and the ground must be done well, especially the level of the ground must be done so that the water sprayed in the shower can be quickly drained from the floor drain; the ventilation in the bathroom should be good so that the moisture can be quickly released.

In the form of bathing, the shower is definitely the best choice because the bathroom area is too small. At present, there are many kinds of showers in the market. In addition to the traditional hand-held, overhead and side-spraying showers, some brands have also introduced new products such as all-round turning showers and lifting rod showers. These showers allow for free conversion of the handheld, overhead and side spray functions. In this way, the requirements for the bathroom area of ​​the overhead shower and the hand shower combination are eliminated, and the pursuit of quality of life is not sacrificed.

Second, if the space is sufficient, wet and dry can be separated

In fact, regardless of the size of the space, as long as the planning is right, it is also possible to do wet and dry separation. In this way, people no longer have to worry about drenching other corners of the bathroom when they take a bath, and then wipe them off after washing the floor.

There are many people who will separate the shower in the bathroom into a fixed shower screen. Because of the partition of glass or other materials, the space is naturally divided into different areas of wet and dry, except where conditions permit. The marble table is placed under the shower screen, which not only can effectively block the water flow, but also achieve the ideal dry and wet effect, which can be described as two birds with one stone.  

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