How to solve the safety problem of floor-to-ceiling windows

Modern people are increasingly interested in designing walls as windows because they are not only fashionable, but also practical and practical. But usually these windows have a danger. Due to the quality of the windows, minor cracks may cause cracks. If there are children in the family, they must pay attention to protection. For safety, in addition to the high-quality glass, the owner can also try other methods to make floor-to-ceiling windows more secure. How to solve the safety problem of floor-standing windows?

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More than half of window designs provided by developers now are floor-to-ceiling windows, which are transparent and practical. However, there are many windows with ordinary quality. A slight impact may cause cracks, especially if there are children at home. For security, the owner can try two methods:

First, make more plastic steel windows. If the width of the window sill is wide enough, the owner can try to make a layer of plastic steel window in the inside and use toughened glass. Even if the glass is broken, it will not hurt the child. The border can be made of general materials, but do not choose magnesium aluminum, because Does not achieve sound insulation and insulation effect. Another layer of windows can effectively prevent the entry of dust, and it has a good insulation effect, but its price is high. It should be noted that if you want to make another layer of windows, make sure that you do not install the marble window sill, otherwise the marble must be removed.

Second, the production of stainless steel guardrail. According to the width of the window, it should be 70 centimeters high. The distance between the vertical frames should not be too wide nor too narrow. It should be based on the head of the child. It is best to use white steel materials, because they are anti-corrosion and rust-proof, you can usually dry clothes. And the white steel material does not make the bedroom look abrupt. To choose a thick material of white steel, otherwise it is easy to deform, generally choose the price of 150 yuan / square meter can be.

Editor's note: According to "High-rise Civil Building Code" and "Design Code for Residential Buildings", the bottom edge of the floor-standing window is 100mm because of the reflection, and the railing should be 1100mm high from the tread surface. Whether the floor-to-ceiling windows of high-rise residential buildings must have barriers installed, the state has relevant regulations. According to Article 5.8.1 of the "Code for Design of Residential Buildings" (GB1350096-2011), no windows or balconies outside the window or outside the window of the platform shall be provided when the outside window sill is less than 0.9 meters above the floor and floor net height. In addition, the safety glass shall be used for floor-to-ceiling windows with an area greater than 1.5 square feet or with a bottom edge of less than 500 from the final finish.

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