Introduction to Lushi Black Dalbergia

Lushi black rosewood, commonly known as "big leaf red sandalwood", origin is Madagascar, scattered hole material. The growth wheel is not obvious. The new section of the heartwood is orange-red, and the long-term turn is dark purple or black-violet; the scratches are obvious. The tube hole is invisible under the naked eye; the main is a single tube hole; scattered; the chord diameter is 206μm maximum, 149μm on average; the number is at least 1-4mm2.

Roll shutter door Roll Forming Machine


The components of Roll Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine:


Hydraulic System;

Computer control cabinet;


Simple Stack

Technique parameters of the processing line for the roll shutter door roll forming machine:

Control System: PLC Control Touch Screen

Main Frame: 16mm steel welding

Main Power: 3 KW

Sizes : 2200*700*900mm

Roll Station: 12stands

Shaft Diameter: 40mm

Feeding Thickness: 0.6-1.2mm

Roller : 45# steel


Description of roll shutter door roll forming machine:


1. Appearance and delicate: is made of high qualified steel plate (aluminum) rolling forming, not filled with middle carbon fluorinated compounds of polyurethane foaming materials, heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation.

2. Use fast: in the process of start, very swift and no noise, if use motor drive, power changed hands move way can be met.

3.Durable: using high quality materials, sophisticated production technology and production technology, meet slight collision after can sprung automatically deformation.

4. Save a space: the closed beta guide drive, promoting a door with other than to save the building, the internal space, installation is more convenient.

Roll Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine


1. Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes, we are manufacture with roll forming machine factory.

2. Q: How should I do if I would like to order my target machine?

A: Just send us your design drawing if you have. Or tell us your design idea. We arrange our engineer to drawing it for your confirmation.

3. Can you use other brand of spare parts for me if i want?

A: No problem if you want to pay the money.




Roll Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

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