Machine tool enterprise enterprise is seriously lacking in soft power

Abstract The integration of the Beijing machine tool industry, which has been discussed on the dust but has not yet seen the movement, has been discussed. It is reported that this year will be finalized. According to relevant sources, the form of integration may be related to the type of product. At the moment, the impact of the financial crisis on the machine tool industry is real...

The integration of the Beijing machine tool industry, which has been discussed on the dust but has not yet seen the movement, is reported to be finalized this year. According to relevant sources, the form of integration may be related to the type of product.

At the moment, the impact of the financial crisis on the machine tool industry is real. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to December, the total industrial output value of machine tools reached 347.23 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.5%, and the growth rate was 8 percentage points lower than the same period of the previous year. As far as enterprises are concerned, many enterprises are unsustainable due to the break of the capital chain and are in a state of suspension or semi-discontinuation.

This state has slowed down the pace of development of the enterprise, but it also makes the company have deeper thoughts on its own development, such as thinking about the size of the enterprise. In general, scale is a key point in a company's competitive advantage.

The scale of the enterprise must conform to the trend of economic development
In this financial crisis, why do the world-oriented foreign trade-oriented and export-oriented enterprises first encounter difficulties?

First of all, in essence, the benefits of these types of enterprises are mostly achieved in the case of high environmental sacrifice and high energy consumption. This is also an indispensable part of the historical spiral development. First, it is to pollute the environment to obtain economic benefits, and then take money to control the environment. However, until now, this type of enterprise has not adapted to the trend of economic development. Total control is a very important factor in the development of China's economic development and the path of sustainable development. This means that the development of the industry must control the total amount. Therefore, from the perspective of the development of industrial enterprises, it is absolutely impossible to determine the scale of the enterprise by the amount of production.

Second, we must eliminate backwardness. Eliminating backward productivity is actually how to adjust the product structure. The product structure adjustment is not that the company has developed a product, and it is just fine to make the prototype. First of all, there is a process from product development to market cultivation to industrialization. Secondly, from the inside, it is necessary to consider whether the labor quality, personnel quality structure, process equipment, capacity structure, etc. can meet the needs of product structure. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has proposed that it is important to place technological transformation in the prominent position of industrial development. Some machine tool enterprise executives said that in fact, many machine tool companies have to deal with the current inventory and work-in-process, and can no longer invest in backward production. From product development to the configuration of process equipment capabilities, there must be a high starting point. .

These two megatrends should be followed by machine tool companies to determine the size of their business.

Studies have shown that the size of a company may be proportional to the scale of the risks assumed by the company. On the other hand, statistics show that the recession phase is more likely to motivate corporate technological progress than the boom phase. The combination of these two aspects makes a positive correlation between the size of the firm and the probability of long-term technological innovation.

Such research arguments seem to prove that the current industry's perception and pursuit of enterprise economies of scale should be put on the agenda.

Increasing the size of the company does not equal the expansion of production
In fact, the mergers and acquisitions of industrial enterprises have never stopped, and their situation is not uniform. This is obviously an exploration of the scale expansion of enterprises.

For example, a geographically constrained enterprise integration. Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Dalian Machine Tool Group, Shanghai Machine Tool Group, Qinchuan Machine Tool Group, Chongqing Machine Tool Group, as well as the Beijing machine tools mentioned at the beginning of the article belong to this type.

Second, overseas acquisitions are also a way to change the size of your business. Among them, there are many successful cases. Beijing First Machine Tool Plant's acquisition of Coburg in Germany has been regarded as a model for the acquisition of the industry; the alliance between Hangzhou Machine Tool Group and Germany's abaz&b company has also been effective; in October 2008, in the context of the financial crisis, Spark Machine also took another step. Acquired the acquisition of the French Soma company and participated in the German Henryan company.

In addition, there is restructuring between industries. For example, Tianma Bearing acquired Qiyi Machine Tool, and China General Motors acquired Qiqi Machine Tool.

All along, the industry has advocated, according to the international and domestic market and resources, encourage and guide enterprises to use assets as a link, in the form of market economy, through mergers and acquisitions, optimize resources, vigorously promote industrial restructuring; and encourage industry leading enterprises, Leading enterprises and leading enterprises in the technology industry merged with relevant enterprises in the industrial chain and related enterprises to increase the concentration of the industry and enable the above-mentioned enterprises to achieve rapid development in the crisis. Mergers and acquisitions can directly expand the production capacity of enterprises, and production capacity is only one factor of enterprise scale. If comprehensive consideration is concerned, what kind of enterprise scale is the most economical?

There has been a misunderstanding of the size of the firm. For example, a large domestic machine tool group has set a clear strategic goal, to make the company's business scale a step in a certain year, to enter the ranks of the world's top 20 machine tools, and then to a certain year, the company's business scale will be another Steps, enter the world's top 10 machine tools.

Even if it is really the wish to enter the top rankings of the world, it does not bring about real economies of scale. For example, the test of the financial crisis has severely affected large-scale group companies that simply focus on the expansion of production scale.

What about the industry's goal of building a company? Wu Bolin, Director General of China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association, said in the industry conference that the industry should focus on cultivating 3 to 5 world-class machine tool manufacturing groups with comprehensive strength, and at the same time support specialized production according to the development characteristics of the machine tool industry itself. Process socialization and collaboration to achieve production process reengineering. Encourage and support a group of "fine, special, special" small giant enterprise development, especially to support the development of small giant enterprises such as functional components, CNC special tools, precision special machine tools, special processing machine tools, etc., to form the backbone of China's machine tool industry Strength and new manufacturing systems, and strive to improve the overall international competitiveness of the industry.

Obviously, the size is not the key point, the key is suitable for the development of enterprises in Beijing Hanyang, there must be economies of scale.

Soft power and hard power
Experts say that the size of the company has a balanced structural problem. For example, excessive expansion may result in the company's capital strength and production scale are not equal, resulting in excessive debt, so the ability to resist risks is very low. Lehman Brothers, the first to fall in the financial crisis, during the Asian financial crisis, South Korea’s top 30 big companies Daewoo, Zhenlu, Halla, Kia, etc. were all over-indebted due to excessive expansion, and finally swelled to death.

In the financial crisis, the first thing that has been impacted is that there is no marketing system, no research and development system, and enterprises that rely entirely on orders to eat. Those enterprises that have huge production systems but have no research and development capabilities and independent brands may have to be more than some small enterprises. Fall down. In this financial crisis, domestic machine tool enterprises have obvious polarization trends, which is the role of soft power.

Therefore, the scale of the enterprise should also cover soft power such as innovation ability, marketing ability, management ability, brand influence, system integration ability, and financing ability. In the domestic machine tool industry, most companies have a strong sense of expansion, but the soft power and hard power do not match, resulting in a big but not strong.

Experts pointed out that under the impetus of economic globalization, the growth model of large enterprises has changed. For example, the funds needed by enterprises are not all owned by enterprises themselves, but enterprises must have good reputation and financing ability; the technology that enterprises need may not all be developed by themselves, but they must have their own core technologies and core competitiveness. Products are not necessarily all produced by themselves. It is important to have products with independent intellectual property rights. Technical ability is the core part of soft power, brand is the high-end soft power of the enterprise, and creating a self-owned brand is obviously much more difficult than capacity expansion.

At present, the situation of the crisis is forcing Chinese machine tool companies to change the practice of expanding their production capacity. Instead, they will speed up the course of soft power and achieve breakthroughs in product technology and marketing models.

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