Problems and Solutions in the Operation of Social Security Cards

Since China began promoting social security cards nationwide and loading financial functions in 2011, a nationwide unified social security service system has been established. From the perspective of basic functions, social security cards have advantages in changing information, enjoying services, facilitating payment, saving costs, improving operational efficiency, and realizing national co-ordination, which provides both the government and citizens with many advantages. However, at the same time, the personal accounts of pension insurance, the complexity of coordination management between government departments and banks, and the risk of information leakage or misappropriation are also problems that cannot be ignored in the operation of social security cards. They need to be taken seriously and resolved by the relevant departments to maximize their use. Social security card's role for society and people.

The full name of the social security card is the “Social Security Card of the People's Republic of China”, which is planned by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and distributed by the local labor and social security departments to the public for integrated circuit cards in various fields of labor and social security. It is distributed to people who participate in social security. Its content includes both social insurance and employment services, involving all aspects of individual social security.

First, the development of social security cards

As early as the beginning of the 21st century, some areas in the country have already begun to try social security cards. From the social security certificates and labor security cards issued by some local governments and generally used by the local governments, to medical security cards that are later used in more areas, China is constantly trying to collect, identify, exchange, and share information in a form of financial information. The integrated approach facilitates the collection and use of social insurance premiums. In Shenzhen, for example, the city began to use employee social insurance certificates very early. In 2005, it also promoted the general labor security card in the city. Since March 3, 2008, it has issued another card within the city with "a card." The social security card with features such as "multiple use" and "national common" replaced the original Shenzhen labor protection card.

On August 30, 2011, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the People’s Bank of China jointly issued the “Notice on the Financial Function of Social Security Card Loading”, and announced that the social security card will adopt the national unified standard and the social security number shall be in accordance with the “Social Insurance Law”. The relevant regulations adopt a citizenship number. Since then, China's social security card has entered a new stage of development and a nationwide unified social security service system has been established. In the coming years, in addition to basic functions such as information recording and enquiry, identity certificates and fee payment, settlement and collection, China Social Security Cards will also have financial functions such as microfinance payments, bank card usage, and financial value-added services. This "one card" form of social security card will greatly facilitate people's daily life.

Second, the advantages of social security card

In accordance with the principle of "one card for multiple uses, universal use", the social security card will be produced using a unified national standard. It will focus on the five major social insurances, including medical care, pension, work injury, maternity, and unemployment, centering on labor and social security business services. application. This undoubtedly provides many conveniences for the competent authorities and citizens.

1. Convenient citizens to change personal information in a timely manner. For example, if a person is suddenly unemployed, there will be a major change in the source and amount of his income. The rate of social insurance and the way in which contributions are paid will correspondingly change. Within a certain period of time, he may also receive unemployment insurance benefits. Under the current sub-sector management system, he needs to go to different departments to make personal information changes, not only to go around, but also there is a time lag between the changes in information of various departments, which brings inconvenience for citizens to enjoy social security in a timely manner. After the implementation of the single card, he only needs to go to the local competent authority to make a record change to complete the work that can be done several times in the sub-sector management, and enjoy the basic social security services matching his own situation as soon as possible.

2. Provide facilities for citizens to enjoy social security services. After adopting the social security one-card format, people can use only one card to complete the authentication of their identity. There is no need to use various types of certificates such as medical security cards, old-age insurance certificates, and identity cards, so that people can enjoy social security services more conveniently. At the same time, the five major social security services have been integrated into a unified management system, which has improved the service efficiency of various departments and saved time and manpower.

3. Save the construction and maintenance costs of information management systems, as well as the human and material resources for information collection. At present, the national social security work is managed separately by civil affairs, health, labor, and other related departments. Each department establishes an information management system that is applied top and bottom within the system according to the development needs of their work and the demand for information. Construction and waste. After setting up a nationwide general social security information management system and implementing a national unified management plan for information, it not only saves system development and maintenance costs, but also saves manpower and material resources for collecting citizen’s personal information. At the same time, it provides the agency and the broad masses of people with It's convenient.

4. Save costs for the collection and management of various social insurance costs. Different social security items, such as endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, and work-related injury insurance, are included in a unified management system. Once the monthly collection fees are collected after accounting, it is possible to save the manpower and material resources for the collection of fees, and it can also be used for The fund management after payment saves costs.

5. Improve the efficiency of social security fund investment operations and narrow the gap between urban and rural areas. At present, the returns on the investment and operation of social security funds in various regions are different. In economically developed regions, their financial markets are more developed, and social security funds are easier to maintain and increase in value. Social security benefits received by residents in the region also have stronger financial support. In economically backward regions, the fund's base is smaller than the former. There are not enough investment opportunities to achieve the purpose of maintaining or adding value. The originally collected social security funds often fall into the dilemma of overspent, further widening the economic gap between urban and rural areas, social security gaps, and the gap in the living standards of residents. Under the current sub-sector management system, there is no complete system approach to coordinate this gap. This will inevitably affect the enthusiasm of all localities to join the national co-ordination, so the realization of the national management of social security funds is also necessary to achieve the social security card. The road.

6. Create possibilities for the realization of the overall planning of social security. At present, the number and proportion of the flexible employment population in China are on the rise. Their labor relations, employment, working hours, and wage income are all uncertain. The current unified regional social security system limits the flow of people and enables flexible employment. Life can not get a stable basic guarantee. With the intercommunication of different geographic information systems, the gradually established and improved social security information management system can achieve cross-regional inquiry, so that the social security relationship can be seamlessly connected and transferred in different places, and it also makes it possible for the overall realization of social security. Therefore, some scholars have proposed that the form of "one card" for social security is precisely the leap-forward progress achieved from "local food stamps" to "national food stamps."

III. Problems in the Operation of Social Security Cards

1. The personal accounts of pension insurance have a threat to the credibility of the social security system. In 1997, the "Decision on Establishing a Unified Basic Endowment Insurance System for Enterprise Staff and Workers" was issued, which put forward the specific implementation measures for the integration of pension insurance social pooling and personal accounts. In fact, the lack of separation of these two accounts has resulted in incomplete personal accounts. China's old-age insurance personal account has been in an astonishingly large-scale empty-account status. Although the pilot phase of the personal pension account started in 2001 has achieved gradual results, it is still slow. Until 2009, the personal account of the pension insurance account was still as high as 1.4 trillion. Faced with this reality, once the aging of the population continues to expand to the extent that the society cannot afford it, the “pay-as-you-go” model will inflection point. The open account will greatly threaten the credibility of the pension insurance and even the entire social security system and hinder the true sense. The realization of social security "card".

2. Coordination between government agencies and banks is complex. Although the social security card has facilitated individual residents, facilitated the management and coordination between government departments and improved the efficiency, it also managed the application functions of social security card application functions and the management functions of bank cards between government departments and banks. Between units, their coordination and management are still more complicated. For example, when someone is not included in the labor protection blacklist due to refusal to participate in insurance or malicious arrears, the function of the bank card of the social security card is not limited, thus losing the significance of punishing and restricting the blacklist. Moreover, when the card is lost, the cardholder must separately report the loss of different applications to different departments, which also brings inconvenience to the cardholder.

3. The risk of leakage or misappropriation of information increases. Due to the large number of social security cards, cardholders' personal information is too concentrated, and the risk of information leakage or theft is further increased. This is why the competent authorities need to increase management efforts. Although the social security card has been poured into the national, Ministry of People's Insurance Department, and the province's third-level key, it can hardly be deciphered. However, the inquiry or use of the social security card is based on the cardholder's password. Once a password is stolen, all cardholder information is at great risk of being used or misused.

Fourth, improve the social security card development policy recommendations

1. Realize the pension insurance personal account. First of all, adopt reasonable punishments or incentives to allow local governments to actively and actively work together with the central government to implement personal accounts and solve the current crisis of China's endowment insurance. Secondly, speed up the completion of the pay-as-you-go system to the transition of the fund accumulation system and reduce the burden of working population payment in the context of population aging. Thirdly, it is necessary to separate the overall account from the personal account, and make it clear that the funds in the personal account are owned by individuals, and the behavior of overdrawing individual account funds for overdraw accounts is eliminated. Finally, we will strengthen the supervision of individual accounts and promote the diversified investment management of personal accounts to achieve the purpose of maintaining value and increasing value.

2. Establish high-quality shared resource database and strengthen information network construction. The first is to thoroughly clean up and reintegrate existing resources, correct outdated information, supplement missing items, and reduce information redundancy as much as possible while ensuring accurate content. The second is the establishment of a high-quality, low-coupling, high-quality, shared database that enables it to maintain maintainability and scalability and facilitate information updates and calls. The third is to promote the network construction of the database and realize the networking, information exchange and resource sharing of provincial, municipal, and county government departments and banking services as soon as possible.

3. Standardize the management of social security cards and attach importance to the construction of network security. First, to absorb and cultivate technical talents, strengthen the training of management personnel, raise their safety awareness, and reduce operational errors or security breaches caused by carelessness. Second, regular inspection and maintenance of the entire system, timely detection and repair of defects and hidden dangers, and take the initiative to defend against external attacks to prevent information loss and leakage. Third, improve the vigilance of managers and do not give criminals an opportunity.

V. Summary

The promotion and use of social security cards throughout the country is a further development and improvement of China's social security work. The Social Security One Card is conducive to perfecting the social security system, providing a broader platform for the realization of the management information of all citizens and detailed information, facilitating the people, improving the efficiency of the work, and adapting to the unified national labor market and social security system. The need for networking and the need for mobility of people have played a major role in promoting economic development. However, it is not perfect. There are still many hidden dangers in its operation and it needs the relevant departments to attach importance to and solve it. Only by successfully and effectively solving these problems can the social security card maximize its social benefits and provide the people with quality, efficient and convenient services, so that the Chinese social security industry can achieve new breakthroughs and development.

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