Rural three-story building decoration skills rural three-story building decoration points

There are many ways to decorate a house. The effect of different methods of decoration is different, so we have to have a certain design method. Now villas are more like people, and rural areas can do it as long as the decoration design has The floor can be designed as a villa type, then what are the decoration skills and key points of the three-storey building in the countryside ? If you want to know, let's take a look at the small series of the decoration home network.


First, rural three-story building decoration skills

1. It is king by the combination of appearance and interior plane design. Through this design, you can see the appearance of the house, and you can also understand the internal structure of the house. The design and interior design of this house is relatively fine. Through the interior drawings, you can see the interior layout, blending the exterior with the interior.

2. In rural self-built houses, the house is the hub of the entire house, the entrance to the vestibule, the room and the kitchen. The role played is very special. It is also a top priority in the graphic design of self-built houses in rural areas. The basic requirements for building a house are spacious and bright, to provide furniture and event space, and the doors are mostly double doors.

3. Rural home decoration meets the requirements of use - practical home decoration is people-oriented, and things are the end, can not be inverted. Functionally distinguishing the degree of use of each room, the status and role of the living room will become increasingly prominent: social interactions, cultural entertainment, daily life, etc., the construction of large living rooms in small rooms has become popular.


Second, the main points of rural three-story building renovation

1. Housing decoration in Feng Shui, neat toilet is very important, the toilet is the place to drain, in addition to the orientation should be appropriate, the most taboo is unclean, smelly, if you keep clean and dry, but can retain the wealth. If there is a corridor in the house, the toilet should only be placed on the side of the corridor, not at the end, otherwise it will be fierce.

2. When decorating, we must pay attention to contrast. Good contrast can get a sense of harmony and unity in strong contrast; secondly, we should pay attention to harmony. The combination of lighting, color, furniture, etc. needs to be harmonious; then we must pay attention to the level. Colors from cold to warm, light from bright to bright, texture from complex to simple have a certain level.

3. The water pipes and wires installed in the installation are concealed works. Some decoration masters do not construct according to the regulations when laying hidden wires, and they are scattered everywhere, and increase the number of load electrical appliances and change the direction of electrical appliances and pipelines. This can easily cause a fire accident due to leakage, short circuit or improper protection of the line.

We all prefer villas in the form of villas. The countryside is no exception. What are the skills and points of the renovation of the three-storey building in the countryside? I want to introduce them through the above small series. If you still want to know about these, then if you still want For more information on decoration, continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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