Ten things to note in the layout of the financial position in the living room

Those who are concerned with feng shui know that there are financial positions in feng shui. The financial position, that is, the place where the wind is concentrated, can be said to be the most important place in the family. It can not only affect the wealth of the family, but also affect the prosperity and decline of the family’s career and reputation. So where is the financial position of the living room in the home? How to arrange the financial position of the living room? Need to pay attention to what? Do not know it does not matter, now Xiaobian take everyone to understand!

What is the financial position

The financial position in feng shui refers to the place where wind and wind collect wind. There is a distinction between "symbolic financial position" and "substantive financial position."

The so-called "symbolic financial position" belongs to the "Ming position" and refers to the position of the left or right diagonal of the entry point spoken by the general public. The location is best not to be a walkway, and it can form a corner of a fortune, and then put some mascots in that location, there is an opportunity to increase financial resources. Proper decoration can also increase the aura of the living room.

The "substantial financial position", that is, "dark position", is determined according to the sitting position of the house. According to the snaking rules of the "Eight Houses, Purple and White Flying Stars", "shengwangfang" is the "dark position" in houses. ".

However, whether it is a "Ming position" or a "Dark position," mascots must be placed. There are mascots that can be placed, vases, treasures, God of Wealth, ingots, treasure bottles, Sanyang Kaitai maps, and landscapes. , Deer group inward (Ji-Lu), Ruyi, Yi, leopard, unicorn pair inward, crystal, cornucopia, hundred-character spells, pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, and so on.

In addition to the placement of mascots, the financial position has certain taboos and requirements for its functional layout.

Top ten financial taboos:

1, fiscal position bogey:

Behind the financial position, it is best to have two solid walls, because the symbols are reliant on the mountains and there are no worries to worry about. Conversely, if the glass behind the financial position is a transparent glass window, it will not only be difficult to accumulate wealth, but also because it is easy to discourage and there will be a risk of financial loss.

2. The financial position should be leveled:

The financial position should not be a walkway or open the door, and there should not be open windows on the financial position. Opening the window will cause the indoor gas to spread out. If there are windows that can be covered or closed by curtains, the financial position will not leak. We must avoid columns and recesses as much as possible. If it is a channel here, we can place screens. This will not only prevent the penetration of defects, but also form a good financial position.

3, financial positions avoid messy vibration:

If the financial position is disordered and vibrated for a long time, it is difficult to stick to Zhengcai. Therefore, items on financial positions should be neat, and TVs, stereos, etc. that are often vibrating should not be placed.

4, fiscal position avoid contamination by:

The financial position should be kept clean. If toilets and baths are placed in financial positions or miscellaneous items, this will tarnish the financial position and make the wealth and goods greatly reduced. Not only will the financial position not be able to attract wealth into the treasure, it will result in loss of household wealth. Should not be hit by sharp corners, so as not to affect the wealth.

5, financial position can not be pressured:

Fiscal pressure will cause family finances to fail to grow. If heavy wardrobes, bookcases, or combination cabinets are placed on financial positions, pressure on fiscal positions will be aggravated.

6, the financial position should not be dark:

With bright financial positions, the house is very lively. Therefore, if the financial position is bright or the light is shining, it will greatly help the student's financial performance. If the financial position is dim, there will be financial lag. Therefore, a long light must be installed to resolve this.

7, financial position should sit:

The fiscal position is a place where financial resources are concentrated. Therefore, it should be put to good use. Apart from planting luxuriant plants, you can also put your bed or sofa on your financial position, sit in your financial position, and you will be able to prosper. Wealth. In addition, if the table is placed in a financial position is also very appropriate, because the table is a place to eat, in the absorption of food energy, but also absorb the gas, it can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

8, the fiscal position should put mascot:

The financial position is the place where Wang Qi condenses. If there are lucky objects, such as Fu, Lu, Shou Samsung, or the statues of Wenwu Fortune, there will be Ji Shang Jia Ji, which has the icing on the cake.

9, fiscal position bogey water:

The financial position is good for water, so it is not appropriate to place water-planting plants here, nor can the fish tank be placed in financial position so as not to see the financial water.

10, fiscal plant should pay attention to:

The financial position should be placed on the lush growth of plants, continue to grow, the family can continue to flourish, better fortune. Therefore, it is most appropriate to place evergreen plants in financial positions, especially golden geuca or rubber trees, money trees, and cycads, which are large in leaves or thick in leaves. However, it should be noted that these plants should be planted with mud and cannot be treated with water. to cultivate. The fiscal position should not be planted with thorny cactus plants, because such plants are used for phlegm-removal. If they are not known, they will be self-defeating, but they will inflict harm on financial positions. The rattan plants are not best placed on financial positions because they are too crooked.

With regard to the related contents of the ten matters of fiscal placement, Xiao Bian introduced it here. What about your financial position? Are all the requirements met? About the arrangement of financial position, but not sloppy! If you have other questions, you can leave a message asking questions! We will answer you as soon as possible! For more information, please follow this site!

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