The plate brand must be established in order to solve consumers' purchasing troubles

When buying plate products, especially for consumers who are not familiar with plate, they often overlook many potential problems and are often led by the literal meaning of the merchant. At present, plate brand products always seem to be messy, and most of the professional terminology in plate always brings great misunderstandings to consumers.

Myth 1: Moistureproof ≠ waterproof

In the minds of many people, moisture resistance and waterproofing can be equated. In fact, this concept is also inaccurate. The anti-moisture effect is to mix the anti-moisture agent into the base material of the board, and the anti-moisture agent is colorless. The two cannot be mixed, and consumers need to recognize the views of these two plates when buying, and do not fall into the trap set by the merchant.

Misunderstanding 2: Fireproof board is not fireproof

Literally, this board is fireproof, and many consumers have this misunderstanding. In fact, this name is incorrect. There is no real fire protection for refractory materials. The correct name should be "refractory board". The so-called "fireproof board" can withstand an open flame for about 35-40 seconds. Within this range, open flame grilling can only produce black oil smoke that can be wiped off without chemical reaction. Of course, the longer the refractory time, the better.

Misunderstanding 3: Inferior plates can be distinguished from appearance

The surface of the inferior board is transparent, color difference, uneven to the touch, the surface of the melamine veneer is brittle, and it is easy to fall off after external force. From the cross section, the fiber particles of the wood chips are uneven in thickness, the gap is large, and there may even be soil and nail And stones and other garbage. When we choose the board, we can see the clues directly from the surface of the board. A smooth and flat sheet product can first determine its essence; second, it can distinguish its authenticity from the inside.

Misunderstanding four: zero formaldehyde plates are not equal to zero formaldehyde

Currently, formaldehyde-free plates are often heard on the market, so are these plates really formaldehyde-free? Experts say that this is not the case, and many are just a gimmick for merchant promotions. At present, there is no real formaldehyde product on the market, consumers need to polish their eyes to see clearly when buying.

Everyone inevitably entered some misunderstandings when buying plate products. If we did not understand in advance, it would be a little difficult to buy healthy, environmentally friendly and pollution-free plate brand products.

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