What are the advantages of the roof garden?

As we all know, self-built houses have their own roofs. Some people decorate the roofs into a small garden, which is very beautiful. But some people make the roof of the building a vegetable garden, and they can grow seasonal vegetables on it, so that they can eat green vegetables without leaving the house, and they are very healthy. So what are the advantages of the roof garden ? What should we pay attention to on the roof garden? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. The advantages of the roof garden

1. The vegetables we usually buy in farmers' markets or other places cannot avoid the presence of some pesticides and fertilizers. These vegetables will directly affect our health after consumption. Then the vegetables grown on the roof are managed by ourselves, so we can use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, organic nutrient soil or peel organic fertilizers are used. Vegetables grown in this way are green and pollution-free, which is very beneficial to us Health.

2. The transportation of vegetables from vegetable farmers to the market requires a long process, which directly affects the freshness of the vegetables. If put in the refrigerator during transportation, not only harmful substances will be produced, but also the nutrition of the vegetables themselves will be lost. Therefore, the vegetables you grow are not only fresh, but can also be used now, and the nutrients can be well preserved.

Second, what should pay attention to the roof garden

1. House load-bearing: Each house has its own load-bearing range, usually the roof can bear a weight of 500 kg per square meter, and exceeding this weight will affect the safety of the house. Therefore, you must pay attention to the weight of the house when building the vegetable garden, preferably within 250 kg per square meter.

2. Water storage and drainage: The roof garden must be well-stored and waterproof, because the soil must be watered when the soil is dry, and it must be drained if it is over-watered or rainy. So you can connect a water pipe on the roof, preferably a hose, so that it is easy to pick up and spray. Secondly, you must drill a hole underneath to plant vegetables in flower pots to facilitate drainage. Of course, you can also buy a special storage and drainage planting tank.

3. Planting soil: The load-bearing of the roof garden is very important, so choose a lighter-weight soil, such as peat, fine sand, etc., which can be prepared according to a certain proportion. Among them, peat can be used as its substrate, because the capacity of peat is relatively small, it is the most suitable planting soil for roof garden.

Editor's summary: The advantages and precautions of the roof garden are introduced here. The roof vegetable garden can also use soilless cultivation lawn, you can plant some flowers on it, so that the whole roof not only has natural vegetable fragrance, but also bursts of floral fragrance.

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