What are the operating conditions for paint construction?

The paint construction should be arranged in the relevant procedures of other decoration projects such as plastering, flooring, partitions, and wooden material renovations, etc., and the water and electricity installation industry has been completed, but the construction of the wall before brushing is completed. The reason why the completion of the painting before the wall is emphasized is to prevent the adverse effects of the volatile component wall paint in the wood lacquer. Some construction teams left the floor in the final paint and intended to finally exit the clearance site. The departure point is not bad, but in fact, the paint on the wall is often smoked and stained by the floor paint. Therefore, this procedure must be strictly controlled.

Base conditions

The base must be dry, and the moisture content should be controlled: the wood material should not be larger than 12%; the metal surface cannot be wet; other materials such as plaster, concrete, gypsum board, etc., the moisture content must not exceed 8%.

In specific operations, the moisture content cannot be measured and can be estimated empirically. In the autumn season, the wood moisture content can meet this requirement. If the wall surface is not a new brick, it can meet the above requirements. In the rainy season, this requirement is generally not met, so pay special attention. In principle, work should be stopped during the rainy season.

The putty on the substrate should be firm, no powder, no cracks, no dents.

Brushing environment

The brushing environment should be clean and well ventilated. Before the paint is dry, dust contamination and hot air should be prevented. The temperature and humidity of the finishing environment should be suitable. The ambient temperature for varnish construction should not be less than 8°C, and the mixed water paint should not be less than 5°C. And always pay attention to changes in weather conditions, in case of wind, rain, fog, high temperature, sun exposure or cold weather should not paint operations. In winter construction, it should be conducted under heating conditions. The room temperature should be balanced and not be hot or cold.

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